Chris Oliver

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Previous experience:

I studied chemistry at university and have had a diverse work history including international commerce, training and retail & hospitality. I’ve generally worked with small, dynamic companies. I speak German, Spanish and French and a little Japanese.

Job Title: Operations Manager

Company experience: I started with JKSL in 2012 and worked in various areas of the business before settling in the Operations Department and being promoted to Operations Manager. I am the company’s Nominated Storekeeper and have passed the rigorous BASIS Invasive and Injurious Weeds course. I am also a qualified safety advisor and Technical Member of IOSH, currently working to progress to Graduate status. On top of this, I am proud of my contributions to the invasive species trade body INNSA and the industry body the Amenity Forum.

Favourite part of your job: I love learning, as well as developing new systems and processes, and I enjoy writing the odd newsletter article (“odd” being the operative word).

Least favourite part of your job: “Hell is other people!”, as Sartre once wrote.

Interests away from work: Mostly physical exercise, nowadays, but I have been known to play music and write on various subjects including the awesome oriental board game ‘Go’.

Favourite line from a film: “We know each other; he’s a friend from work!” [Thor Ragnarok]

If I could be anywhere right now I'd be: On stage, preferably at a festival, in the sun.